Email Roster

Below is a list of your names and corresponding email addresses. Use this information to contact your fellows. Please keep your information current! To do this, provide a comment at bottom with an update or correction. Thank you.

Student Name Email Address

1 Albritton, Azikiwe
2 Cardenas, Antonio
3 Chen, Huiyi
4 Costa, Anna Carolina
5 Datil, Joseph
6 Dutta, Tanvi
7 Dysna, Andy
8 Flores, Jessica
9 Gallardo, Izamar
10 Garviin, Sarai
11 Gayle, Ariel
12 Igbinoba, Abiodun (AB)
13 Lani, Kristian (Kris)
14 Lopez, Banny
15 Martinez, Sara
16 Mayorquin, Cynthia
17 Miller, Samantha
18 Naseem, Obaid
19 Nyarko, David
20 Rahim, Esau
21 Rashid, Fahim
22 Rasperry, Davon
23 Sanchez, Michelle
24 Singh, Kevin
25 Theirens, Clint

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